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Introducing    N411R
LOWERED TO   $1,499,000

Welcome to the cleanest, most well-equipped Meridian you will find! Upgraded G950 (stc. For the G1000) panel, NEW paint with full-ceramic coating (10 of 10), NEW full-leather interior with custom stitching including headliner, Upgraded Cutter Aviation Maxxus air-conditioning, meticulously maintained and an absolutely STUNNING aircraft.

Introducing N411R

A Lifetime of Creation

Outside Meridian
Garmin Panel


While cruising at 250kts, at FL250, you'll burn 250 lbs per hour (appx. 37 gph). You will climb at close to 1500 fpm, and you have the security of flying one of the safest turbo-props around. Full de-ice and state of the art avionics with excellent auto-pilot, fly into minimums without a problem!

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